Age and Circulation Problems

heart diagramAs we age, the heart and blood vessels change – often the changes are normal.  Heart muscle cells degenerate, valves which control blood flow become thick and stiff, and the amount of blood in the left chamber of the heart decreases.  Because of changes like these, older people often find that they have poor circulation in their extremities, leading to cold hands and feet.

Once you experience problems related to poor circulation, how do you treat them?  How do you keep from having cold feet or numb hands?  Exercise can aid in blood circulation in the long term – if basic exercise is maintained from a young age, many age-related circulation problems can be avoided.   Even taking up walking can help increase blood flow and alleviate some of the symptoms of poor circulation.

Using battery heated slippers, heated vests, or gloves will help to keep the body warm, by keeping hands and feet warm.  Often, if your hands or feet feel cold, the rest of the body will begin to feel cold.  The same goes for keeping the area around your kidneys warm.  Battery heated clothing is also easy to use and you can easily regulate the temperature of the gloves or slippers.  The added bonus is that your immune system will work better in higher temperatures so using battery heated clothing will also help keep your immune system in shape during the colder months.

There’s no reason to tolerate cold hands and feet as we age, and battery heated clothing is one of the easier ways to keep your hands and feet warm.  Visit for more information on how our battery heated clothing works.

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