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GEN V Indoor/Outdoor 5v Heated Slippers


Designed for comfort, warmth and durability. We were the original company to develop heated slippers over a decade ago to help rejuvenate cold, tired feet and numb toes and these do the trick even without the heat. Made with 600g of insulation, a special heat retaining outer shell and new tricot lining fabric that all work together to block out the cold and help keep the heat in. 

But we are not all made equal and there are those of us that need extra heat. That’s where our patented Zero Layer® Heat System comes in to save the day. Simply connect the included rechargeable VB550 batteries, locate the controller switch on the front of each slipper to power them “on” and your feet will be surrounded by a cocoon of warmth for hours. Or, if you don’t want to bend over and use the controller switch just download the Volt Heated Clothing app and regulate your slippers remotely with your phone. 

The Gen V slippers have been upgraded to our 5v heated system which provide even more heat coverage and heat output. The heating panel is larger and covers even more area of the bottom insole keeping your toes toasty as the heat rises and surrounds the foot.

They come complete with our USB 5v VB550 batteries that can be charged with any USB output, even your laptop or cell phone charger. You can even power the slippers directly from a USB output if you wanted to. Just remember that these are designed to be warmer so go light on your highest setting use. If your feet start to sweat or get too warm just power them down to a lower setting or just turn them off to take a break from the heat. Don't worry, you can always power them back up with the push of a button.

We kept the vertical zipper that runs on the inside of the foot from the top opening to the bottom sole to make them easy to put on and take off. But we have made some changes that not only make them much better in performance and quality, but also in the fit. 

The first thing you will notice is that we made them more roomy compared to previous versions. Also, the materials used were handpicked for both comfort and durability. Once you slide your feet inside you won't want to take them out. Walking in them you will appreciate the cushioned sole, like walking on a cloud, but more like a warm summer cloud. 

Choose from 3 power level settings using the one touch controller switch built into the boots, or download the Volt Heated Clothing app and regulate your desired power level setting using your phone. Simply pair your device with your Gen V slippers and you can remotely operate the heating system without even bending over.

Approximate Run Times:

High (red) = 5 hours

Medium (blue) = 7.5hours

Low (green) = 10 hours


UPPER: Synthetic leather shell + 600g insulation + tricot fleece lining

LINING: Faux fur lining

INSOLE: 6N Canvas + 6mm EVA + 8mm pu foam

OUTSOLE: 2700D nylon foxing, rubber outsole

HEAT SYSTEM: Patented Zero Layer® Heat System



 - Rubber outsole and durable nylon foxing allow for light outdoor use

- 600g of insulating material to help trap in the heat

- USB plug stores in the battery pocket at the top of the slipper above the ankle

- Vertical zipper on the inside of the foot going from the top opening to the sole making them easy to take on and off

- Bluetooth technology so you can remotely operate using your phone

- Nylon loop strap at the top of opening to help in pulling them on you feet

- Memory foam cushioned outsole for comfort

- Patented Zero Layer® Heat System provides instant heat and toasty toes

Zero Layer 100

Zero Layer® heat system eliminates bulk while providing more efficient heat transfer.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews Write a review

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews Write a review

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