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CRACOW Women’s 7v Insulated Heated Vest

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The 7v Women’s Insulated Vest was developed to be ultra-lightweight but with stellar heat retention capabilities. Constructed with an extra soft, 30 denier min-ripstop nylon lining and quilted shell and lled with 80 grams of lightweight, compressible and high retention insulation, not only will the vest heat up on command, it will hold the heat better than any vest on the market. It features a 4 panel, 3 zone heat system concentrated in the chest and back that is powered by a 7v lithium battery. No matter if you are climbing the nearest mountain or going down the block to get groceries, this vest’s form, fit and function is second to none.

Approximate Battery Run Time per Power Level

100% High – 2.5 hours
75% Med/High – 3.5 hours
50% Medium – 5 hours
25% Low – 10+ hours
  • 80 grams of lightweight, thermally efficient polyester fiber insulation
  • Silky soft mini rip-stop nylon shell and lining
  • 3 zone heating with 2 panels in the chest and a large back panel
  • Provides up to 170 degrees of soothing heat for 2+ hours on the highest setting
  • Includes 7.4v 2900mAh battery and charger

Zero Layer 100

Zero Layer® heat system eliminates bulk while providing more efficient heat transfer.

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