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10 Reasons to Choose Volt Heated Clothing

September 12, 2016


Heated Clothing is a relatively new concept to most consumers.  In recent years however we have seen consumer awareness increase dramatically when it comes to Heated Gloves, Heated Vests, Heated Jackets, Heated Slippers and wide variety of other Heated Accessories.  So if you are looking to invest in any type of Battery Heated Apparel or Accessory, how do you know which products to buy?  We want to help you make the best most informed decision that you can so we compiled a Top 10 list.  This Top 10 list has hard facts about the Volt brand, our company and the type of product we have built for you.

10 Reasons to buy from Volt®

  1. Unique Patented Zero Layer® Heating System- The Zero Layer® Heat System was developed right here in the USA and is used exclusively in all of the Volt products. We don’t use cheap, ready-made heating systems out of carbon fiber or other cheap heating materials. We make every Zero Layer® Heat System ourselves in our OWN factory. 
  2. Intense Heat Output- Our heating panels will provide over 150 degrees of heat on the highest power level setting where other heating systems max out at 135 degrees. Our patented Zero Layer Heat System technology allows us to achieve higher heat using less or the same amount of power. The Volt products can reach temperatures on a medium setting that most competitors can only get to on their highest setting.
  3. Better Heat Coverage- The Volt Heated Gloves surround your hands with warmth all the way out to the ends of each finger including the thumb. Other heated gloves on the market heat just one side of the hand.
  4. Extreme Durability- Each of our ultra-thin heating panels is constructed using tiny, imperceptible stainless steel fibers that are woven onto an insulated fabric. We then encapsulate these heating elements with a special thermal bonding process - permanently protecting the heating panels and connections from the wear and tear caused by the rigors of daily use making it extremely durable. 
  5. Unbeatable Lifetime Warranty- We take pride in the durability of our heating system. If you purchase your Volt product directly from, we will guaranty the heat system for the life of the product.
  6. Highest Quality Batteries- We use the highest quality brand name lithium battery cells to power the Volt products. Other companies use cheap, unsafe, non-branded China made lithium battery cells. All of the Volt batteries use UL listed lithium battery cells from top rated manufacturers ensuring longevity and performance for years of use. 
  7. Best Value or Best Bang for your Buck- We are not the most expensive or the least expensive option but our goal is to provide the best quality product that will exceed your expectations at a fair price. If you sign up for our newsletter you can also receive special deals and discounts helping you save even more when you buy direct from
  8. Fashionable Designs- We incorporate our heating system into stylish designs while using technical fabrics and advanced insulating materials. The Zero Layer Heat System is so thin and versatile it allows us to create fashionably modern products without adding bulk.
  9. Wide Variety of Products- Our product offering includes a variety of heated clothing uniquely designed for specific activities and environments. We use four different heating systems that are designed to be powered by different power sources - 3v, 5v, 7v or 12v. 
  10. Industry Leading Experience- The Volt brand and product line was created by a team of specialists that have been developing and manufacturing heated clothing for over 15 years. This includes products for consumers, professionals, athletes and the US Military. All of the Volt products have been carefully thought out, tested and produced to be the industry leader.