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zero layer heat for better heated clothing

Zero Layer® Heating System

Our patented Zero Layer® heat system helps eliminate bulk while providing more efficient heat transfer than any other heating system available.

Each of our ultra-thin heating panels are constructed using tiny, imperceptible stainless steel fibers that are woven onto an insulated fabric. We then encapsulate these heating elements with a special thermal bonding sealing tape – permanently protecting the heating panels and connections from the wear and tear caused by the rigors of daily use making it extremely durable.

Each heating panel is engineered to provide a specific amount of instant heat that evenly radiates warmth to the body to help chase away the cold.

zero layer technology

Scientific Testing

We scientifically test our products at an Institute for Environmental Research to ensure we are providing the warmest, most efficient garments as possible.

Our research is conducted under ASTM standards where we use a thermal anatomical manikin that is heated to a constant temperature that simulates the average skin temperature of a human being. The manikin’s computer system then measures how much heat is lost from the body to the environment.

This research allows us to engineer our heating system specifically to each product, enabling us to provide a wider comfort range at a variance of temperatures from below freezing up to room temperature, simply by changing the power level setting on the battery.

developing our zero layer technology

Power Sources

Our patent pending Zero Layer® heating system is engineered to be used with 4 different power sources – 3 volt, 5 volt 7 volt and 12 volt. We integrate our Zero Layer® heating system into a variety of different products and decide which system to use based on the product design and how it will be used.

3 volt heated clothing logo Products powered by a 3.7v lithium rechargeable battery. Smaller battery, longer run times.
5 volt heated clothing logo 5V-The 5V system is the rule when it comes to versatility. Using a 5V "off the shelf" powerbank to activate our Zero Layer Heat System allows the user the freedom to use power banks they already own. This is our latest innovation in the Volt product line.
7 volt heated clothing logo Products powered by a 7.4v lithium rechargeable battery. Instant heat, more heat coverage.
12 volt heated clothing logo Products powered by the 12v electrical system from a vehicle. Ultimate heat output and heat coverage. Should always be regulated with temperature controller.
3 volt plug 3v Plug Style: 1.3mm x 3.5mm Coaxial DC Power Plug
5 volt plug 5V Plug Style: USB "A" plug 12 width 12 mm, height 4.5 mm
7v Plug Style: Posi-Lock DC Power Plug
12 volt plug 12v Plug Style: 2.5mm x 5.5mm Coaxial DC Power Plug


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