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The Volt Culture

In a nutshell our mission and goal is to develop heated products to help people feel good while looking good regardless of cold temperatures. Nobody likes to be cold. Being cold may be an uncomfortable inconvenience for some people, but for others, suffering from the cold can be a painful experience. The latter was the driving force behind the creation of the Volt Resistance® line of heated products.

It started with a challenge to our company founder to find a solution for his mother who suffered from cold feet, even while indoors in a heated home.



“Not  enough warmth, not enough run time, too clunky, too complicated – too ugly!”Although he had been in the heated clothing industry for over a decade developing heated products for motorcyclists, the military and outdoor enthusiasts, none were particularly well suited to solve her daily suffering.

This feedback guided the development of our first product, Volt Heated Slippers – a product that  kept the feet warm, was simple to use, was reliable – and good looking!


Because of the success of the Volt heated slippers and subsequent development of our patented Zero Layer® heating system, the Volt Resistance product line quickly expanded. Not only is Zero Layer® the safest and most efficient thermal management system yet devised, it also allows  unobtrusive integration of our heating system into a wide range of products from fashionable jackets and vests to gloves, socks and therapy wraps.

Please enjoy browsing our line of Volt heated products where hopefully you will find something that meets your needs or desires. Remember, each product was developed with the goal that it be reliable and easy to use, will look good and above all will keep you warm whether inside the house or outside in the winter cold.

Thanks for visiting our website and for clicking this link to learn a bit about our company. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments.

Resist the Cold!