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A Heated Vest and Heated Base Layer to Play Golf?

A Heated Vest and Heated Base Layer to Play Golf?

September 06, 2017

---It makes sense and here is why---

 A light weight heated vest could be the most valuable tool in your “Go Low” arsenal for your next competitive round of golf. 

Are you sure you packed everything for your next golf game?  You probably packed your clubs, shoes, balls and possibly a cheat sheet with all of your go to swing thoughts. One thing that you need to consider is keeping yourself warm out on the course. A sunny day can turn cool fast as most golfers know.  A light weight heated vest that will not restrict your play just makes sense to carry in your bag.  The time of year doesn’t matter, cold is cold!  Don’t let a cool shady day or cold breeze ruin your mood on a day away from work and on your favorite course. Voltheat has got you covered!

 Volt Heated Clothing makes products that help you stay warm while doing the things you love, regardless of cold temperatures. Volt products feature their patented technology called the Zero Layer Heat System. The heat system is integrated into the products and can help keep your whole body warm - from head to toe. You can visit us here and browse the products in Volt’s online shop:

One of the Volt products that is getting awesome heated vest reviews is the Torso Heated Vest Liner. The Torso is ultra thin and has a perfect design for golf.  It can layer underneath even the thinnest of golf shirts or golf rain jackets.  With it’s wide opening “tuxedo cut” armholes and neck opening, the torso offers little to zero restriction when going through your swinging motion. It is the perfect layer for warming major parts of your body to help you get off that first tee. 

The heated base layer will help wick away moisture, keeping your body dry and warm.  Staying dry in  colder weather is an important factor in increasing or maintaining your body’s core temperature. Тhe heated base layer is made of spandex/polyester material which gives it a comfortably firm, athletic fit.  Volt has placed the heating zones in 4 areas down the center of the back along the spine helping keep you loose so you can make aggressive moves on the golf ball on the coldest of days.

Adding the heated vest or the heated base layer to your golf game is going to increase your mood and movement on a cold day of golf.  If you get cold, flip the switch and soothing heat will soak deep in to your body for hours depending on the heat level chosen.  Hey, even if it isn’t cold, flip on the heat and get your mind right so you can get off the bogey train and grind out a few pars. Either way you will now have one more tool to combat mother nature and that toughest 10 inches of the golf course which lies between your ears. Visit us at and get the tools to “go low” in your next round of golf. 

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