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Distributed and Shipped from our warehouse in the USA

Distributed and Shipped from our warehouse in the USA

April 03, 2020

With the age of Facebook ads, the retail market has changed. Over the past couple years, we have really seen the retail landscape be altered making it easier for consumers to buy direct from overseas factories. This has an upside and downside for the consumer which we discuss in this blog. Volt Heated Clothing is designed and developed in the USA but most importantly, it is distributed from the USA. 110 Cumberland Park Dr suite 205 St Augustine, FL 32095 to be exact.

This winter season we received phone calls and emails from customers complaining of many different issues.

  • I ordered 4 weeks ago and still don’t have my product
  • You sent me the vest but didn’t send a battery
  • I have been trying to call you and couldn’t find your telephone number
  • I have emailed in without a response

In most all cases the item the customer purchased wasn’t our product or the seller was someone else. We respond to emails, answers the telephone or calls back voicemails in a timely manner. That is why customers who have purchased other products still reach out to us for advice or technical help with their generic heated clothing.

A lot of overseas factories have started to use Facebook Ads to sell direct to you the consumer. The only upside to you the consumer is the initial cost which can be lower. The things you give up as a consumer though is customer service, quality control on the product, an accurate representation of the item you are going to be receiving and immediate shipping. Another big factor that you are giving up is a warranty that you easily be exercised if you should need it.

Companies that are located overseas and sell direct to consumer usually will not provide a telephone number or email address to contact if you happen to have an issue. They also won’t tell you that once you order and give them your money, you might not see the product for a month or more. Take a minute to think about that. You Click on a Facebook ad, enter your credit card info to make a purchase and you pay your money. Seems normal right? Then you don’t see your product for 4-6 weeks and don’t have anyone to call or email to check on the status of your order. When you do finally get what you ordered, you find out there are still more components needed to use the product. If you don’t have anyone that you can call or email about your order status, how is it going to be getting a hold of someone for a warranty claim? Even if you were able to contact them for warranty, are you going to send your item back overseas for someone to fix it?


At Volt we pride ourselves on great customer service. That all starts with designed/developed and most importantly distributed and shipped from the USA. This allows us to fill orders same day if your order is placed before 2pm EST and fill orders the next day if the orders are placed after 2pm EST. Our warranty is the best in the heated clothing industry and has allowed Volt to be the most trusted heated clothing brand. As retail business continues to rapidly change and evolve, we believe that Distributed in the USA is just one more reason that the Volt Heated Clothing brand will continue to be the industry leader. Our warehouse is in St Augustine Florida and we have satellite offices in Washington and Idaho. We make ourselves available to you whether you need a return authorization number, have warranty issues, product questions or have technical questions on operating your Volt product.

Designed, Developed and Always Distributed in the USA. Volt Heated Clothing. Stay Warm!!!

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