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heated clothing for cool summer nights

Heated clothing as a summer gift!

April 21, 2017

Warm and comfortable clothing on a cool summer night makes sense. Giving someone a unique present to keep them warm all year long also makes sense. If you agree, then you surely need to check out the heated clothing and accessories offered by Voltheat.com. This company came into being as Volt's founder was searching for a solution to his mother's cold feet condition. As a result, the first Volt product was developed - heated slippers which triggered a sequence of fashionable, warm and reliable products. Later Volt started integrating their proprietary heating technology called Zero Layer into the heated clothing they offer even today. But why would anyone want to buy heated clothing during the summer season?

You require the right clothing for outdoor activities such as hunting, hiking in the mountains or even to attend sporting events. Wearing a heated jacket or vest that you can quickly turn on if the day or evening gets cool or cold will make your experience better, you won't have to worry about keeping yourself warm - Volt’s heated clothing will take care of that.

Remember, just because it is heated, you do not have to turn it on. Volt Heat clothing is fashionable, comfortable and available if the moment changes and what was a hot sunny day turns out to be a cool summer evening. Hikers, hunters and outdoor enthusiast all know an evening in the mountains, out in the desert or around a lake, the weather can change quickly. Having the ability to simply flip a switch on your clothing and immediately be comfortable is something we all wish we would have thought of before leaving home. How many of you have said one time or another, “Darn, I should have brought a heavier jacket?”

You never have to worry about feeling uncomfortable as the patented Zero Layer Heat System will enable you to manage your thermal comfort no matter the temperature. During cool summer nights by the seashore or in your backyard you simply need to put on Volt's heated vest or jacket, and you will be able to enjoy your time warmer.

Hot Days and Cool Nights? We Have the Solution…

Warm at home in the summer sounds like a given but even during that season, you may feel your feet getting cold despite wearing regular slippers. We have great choices for all slipper wearer’s, priced right and a guarantee that says we believe in our products. Buying our heated slippers or a heated jacket any time of the year will make a great present. Every time your family member or friend puts on the Volt heated jacket, heated gloves or heated vest you gifted them, you will come to mind. When it is cold, and VoltHeat.com delivers warmth, you can almost guarantee they will say, “Thank you.”

It is time to check out Volt Heat, we offer a wide variety of heated clothing including rechargeable heated jackets, rechargeable heated vests, rechargeable heated gloves, rechargeable heated footwear, even a rechargeable heated scarf, so there is something for people of different tastes in fashion. We are proud of all our clothing and our heated gloves and heated vests in the past have been selected as, “The Best.”, by a non-profit organization created to research, test and rate consumer products objectively.

Last but not least, treating yourself to Volt clothing or buying as a gift is a great idea; all Volt products are made of top quality materials and run on one of the best batteries available. The right guarantee, the right fit, and the right price! This is why Volt Heat is one of the leaders in the heated clothing industry and the reason why you should buy yours today. Stay warm, look great and enjoy life, wear Volt Heat.

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