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Battery Heated Clothing Keeps You Warm While You Ski

June 10, 2016

From hunting to riding a motorcycle, outdoor enthusiasts are experiencing winter chills, and battery heated clothing is helping them to stay warm. Now, skiers can take advantage of heated clothing as well including waterproof snow gloves to keep your hands flexible on the poles, and heated socks to keep your feet warm. Anyone doing an outdoor activity is susceptible to the cold, but skiers are more so. High altitudes, snow, cold, and possible damp from sweat, all add up to cold hands and feet on the slopes, but you don’t have to live with it, and you shouldn’t. Cold can be dangerous, causing problems including discomfort, poor circulation, loss of feeling in the extremities, and in severe cases, frostbite.

Why Battery Heated Clothing?

Plug in electric heated clothing has been popular with motorcyclists for years, but for anyone wanting the convenience of portability, or the ability to use the heated gloves, socks, or jacket liners away from a power source, battery operated heated clothing is a much better way to go. Battery heated gloves can keep the hands soft and supple while hunting or skiing under extreme conditions, a heated vest liner can keep cold from penetrating a jacket, despite high winds, and with water proof heated snow gloves (part of our Volt Heat line) you can stay warm and comfortable while you Ski.  Best of all, our battery heated clothing line can keep you warm to and from the slopes as well. Try wearing battery heated slippers to warm your feet on the way to your lodge, or while you relax and enjoy yourself.

How it Works

Our heated clothing utilizes top of the line 7v heating technology to gently warm clothing. Using conductive fibers and insulating material, a rechargeable lithium ion battery carefully sends power to warm the heated clothing to up to 150 degrees of gentle heat. Controls allow you to adjust the settings to just a few degrees above your body temperature, or warm enough to actively warm the skin. Battery heated clothing can help to keep you warm while you hit the slopes and it can also protect you from damaging cold. Low levels of active heat can keep your extremities, and your body, comfortable while you have fun. And of course, you’ll never have to suffer from cold hands or feet again!  Interested? View our range of heated clothing including gloves, jackets and vests, footwear, or even extra batteries.