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Heated Clothing for Winter Golf - My

Heated Clothing for Winter Golf - My "Go-to" Volt Heated Gear

May 01, 2023


I love to play golf and have played since I was 10 years old (over 40 years), learning how to play in the PNW outside of Seattle, WA. I played other sports as well but by the time I was 12, golf became a six month sport for me. Playing in WA state you could never count on the weather but you could always count on it being wet & cold if you played outside of July, August and September. Boy could I have used Volt heated clothing back in those days as I remember having to put my golf head covers over my hands to stay warm while riding my bike to the golf course on a typical cold and wet March day.

Now comes the humble brag alert. Turned out I got decent enough at the game that I decided to pursue a career in golf. Not playing, but becoming a golf professional where I continue to maintain my PGA membership today. I mention this only to let you know I have played A LOT of golf and have played in some terribly cold and miserable conditions. I have been fortunate to play courses all over the world but the crazy thing is I have never been colder on the golf course than some really cold sub 40 degree days right here in northeast Florida. I know you guys up in the NE are laughing but the cold is just different. The real difference is the wind and the humidity where on a cold day here, the wind just cuts right through you. Especially when your body has accustomed to a warmer climate but in most cases because I was unprepared.

So to make sure I am prepared for cold weather golf, these are my go-to Volt Heated Gear choices when I know the weather is going to be cold:

Thermal Half-Zip Pullover : My favorite heated garment not only because of the heat that it provides but because it looks good as well - "The golfer that dresses well, plays well". I love the 4 way stretch fabric that doesn't hinder my swing in anyway. This is my go-to for cool mornings where I just need some extra heat without having to layer-up too much as the less layers, the better for playing golf. 

Volt Heated Mitts : Playing cold weather golf with Raynaud's is a challenge as my fingers will go white and numb if I am not prepared. The best solution (as long as I remember to bring them with me) are the 7v Heated Mitts. Not only are toasty warm they are also waterproof so I can slide my hands inside between shots to help keep my hands and glove dry. And since they are a mitt I can easily slide them on and off in between shots.

Carbon Vest Fleece Vest : When I know it is going to be really cold, especially if I know the wind is going to blow then I go with the Carbon Fleece Heated Vest. It not only will keep me warm but also helps to block the wind. I also made a modification to my vest where I changed out the 5v USB plug with a 7v plug so I can power it with a 7v battery which results in some serious heat output. I don't recommend this for everyone as you have to be really careful as the highest setting will be very, very hot so I usually go with a lower setting and make sure I am wearing over a lightweight hood to keep the heating panels from too much direct contact with the body. There many other heated vest styles that are great for playing golf like the Radiant and Cracow but I like the Carbon fleece heated vest just a bit more because of the wind blocking material. 

Heated Base Layer : Growing up playing winter golf in the PNW I remember a turtle neck was a popular option. But that grew out of fashion with the introduction of specialized performance fabrics that moved with body and thus base layers were born. The Volt 7v Heated Base Layer takes it many steps further with heating panels that run from the top of the back down to the lower back that not only help to keep your core warm but also your back muscles loose. This is always a popular item for golfers that have bad backs. 

Torso Vest Liner : This is popular option for many of my friends and fellow golfers but not so much for me personally. Don't get me wrong as it is a very functional vest and golfers like it as it so lightweight and thin where you can wear it as mid-layer over a shirt and then underneath an outer sweater or jacket. I just prefer the previously mentioned heated garments above for playing golf and have more options than most to choose from. I know some golfers like that they can pack it away in their golf bag like they do with rain gear so it can be pulled out and used when the temperature drops. You just have to remember to keep your battery regularly charged and ready for use. 

Heated Socks : For a lot of people the cold will affect the hands or feet first or even both. I am one of the lucky ones where it has to be really cold before my feet get cold but I can remember some painfully cold frosty mornings on the golf course where I wish I had heated socks. The Volt Heated socks provide heat to the bottom of your feet that starts at the toes so the more you stand when wearing the socks, the more direct heat transfer you will feel and the heat will then rise and surround the toes with warmth to keep the chill away. When I wear my Volt rechargeable heated socks I will wear a small ankle sock underneath in case my feet start to sweat which allows me to wear them a few times in between washing. 

Keep checking back as we will have even more options to choose from to help keep you warm on the golf course. Golf is hard enough, you don't need cold weather keeping you from playing your best. Fairways and Greens!


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