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heated gloves for working outdoors

5 Reasons Heated Gloves make your life better

September 20, 2017

Heated gloves can be really helpful

Heated Gloves can make your life better.  They can help you stay comfortable in your daily chores, daily routine or certain hobbies and activities.  As you read through this article stop and reflect on those times when your hands get the coldest and which Heated Glove would be right for you.

As we transition out of the summer/fall months and into winter, we encounter not just cold mornings and cold evenings but cold months.  This can make it difficult to go outside and get all of your to do’s crossed off the list. A pair of heated gloves can really help make this a warmer experience  

As you start to age, it seems as though every year it is harder and harder to keep your hands in a comfortable state with conventional gloves.  This is why we must start looking at other options to keeping our hands warm. Heated Gloves can be at the top of your remedy list.

Everyone remembers the old “D Battery” heated socks that were really cumbersome and heavy.  When most of us think heated clothes,  we don’t think of the newest technology on the market.  The new Volt Heated Gloves feature  lightweight 7 Volt rechargeable batteries.  These powerful batteries combine for a super-hot punch when coupled with our patented Zero Layer Heat System.  All in all there is minimal bulk and only a few ounces of added weight when you include the heat system and battery to each heated glove.

Here are the top 5 reasons heated gloves make your life better

  1. Allows your hands to stay comfortably warm while you enjoy your favorite outdoor winter activities
  2. Helps you work longer and harder when you aren’t consumed with thoughts of how cold and painful your fingers and hands are.
  3. Can allow you to stay outside longer in colder temperatures.
  4. Helps you maintain positive attitude when doing outdoor chores and activities.
  5. Keeps your fingers warm which helps combat diminished sensitivity and feeling in your hands.

Using your heated gloves the right way

Right before you plan to use the Volt Heated Gloves it is always best to preheat them on high for 5 minutes or so.  This helps to ensure that they are working properly and that they are starting warm.  You will also want to make sure that your batteries are fully charged after every use even if it is only to top them off.  This will help you manage the total runtime better as you will always be starting off with a full battery.

Get a pair of heated gloves for 20% off  

At the beginning of this article I asked you to try and think of some activities or chores that you do that make your hands cold.  Now that you have thought of some of your finger numbing, daily winter activities, which heated gloves by Volt Heat are the perfect fit for you?  We have ski gloves, city gloves, snow gloves, work gloves, hunting gloves and gloves that can cover a ton of other activities.  Browse through our heated glove section to find the right pair for your.  Once you’ve found the gloves that are most likely to be your best option, go ahead and add them to the shopping cart and use discount code “HeatedGloves” to receive a 20% discount on any style of heated gloves offered on the voltheat.com website.

Stay warm this winter.

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