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Heated Jacket OR Heated Vest? What Situations are Best for Both

June 27, 2017

Cold or Cool, a heated jacket or heated vest works best whether it is a brisk Sunday afternoon, or up in the mountains on a thrilling hike with your friends and family, it is important to keep yourself warm. You can always count on to have the right product for any situation.  Having one or the other on hand for difficult weather can be the difference of a miserable experience or an enjoyable one. We often get asked the question, which one is better, the heated jacket or the heated vest?.Heated vests

The Volt heated jackets and vests are suitable for all types of weather, situations and conditions. They are rechargeable heated clothing which can be turned on and off with the push of a button. This means that you can use them as a regular jacket or vest but when the weather turns out to be worse than expected you can crank up the heat and enjoy warmth to your body’s core. Certainly everyone has been in the situation of being surprised by the cold weather which often times destroys much if not all of the excitement. With Volt’s heated jacket or heated vest, you will have one more tool to combat the unexpededly cold moments.

What are the differences in the heated jacket from the heated vest? Voltheat offers a variety of jackets with the integrated Zero Layer Heating System which is unique to Voltheat and meets our highest standards.The jackets are made of high quality material which protects from the cold even when the heating system is off. What is more, they are very lightweight which makes them suitable even for warmer weather. Cracow heated jacket is a great example of that - it can be worn even as a standalone piece for the nights when you take a walk on the beach. With its three heating zones this jacket will keep you warm even when the weather conditions outside are far colder - in a harsh snowy winter day you can just put a waterproof shell on it and you will achieve maximum warmth.

When it comes to the heated vests - they are perfect as a mid layer or outer layer. When you are out on a barbeque and you feel that the temperature drops, just turn up the heat on your rechargeable heated vest and keep enjoying your time with friends and family while keeping yourself comfortably warm. With the push of a button you can turn on the Zero Layer Heating System or just turn it off when the temperatures rise again and the lightweight vest will keep your back and front from the wind.volt heated jacket

 A cold winter night or a cool summer afternoon in the mountains? Voltheat has provided you with a solution to stay warm and keep enjoying your time both outdoors and indoors. The heated jackets and the heated vests are made for almost any occasion - pick your Volt heated vest when you go out on a cool afternoon and bring your Volt heated jacket on vacation where the weather is always a question mark. Voltheat, we got you covered withour patented heat technology and wide variety of heated jackets and heated vests.

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