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Heated Slippers Means No More Frozen Feet

Heated Slippers Means No More Frozen Feet

December 05, 2017

Winter is here. We all love the winter festivities, but maybe not the effects the freezing temperatures can have on us. For me, freezing temperatures means freezing feet.

Have you ever wondered why your feet get so cold in the winter? Well, it’s your body keeping itself alive. When it gets cold outside your body wants to keep your core and vital organs warm. The blood vessels in your extremities constrict to keep blood flow to a minimum. This results in cold feet, hands, nose and ears.

Feet and hands are the furthest away from our heart and lungs and don’t have a lot of muscle (muscle creates heat), so they are prone to cooling down quickly. Keeping those tootsies warm helps your whole body stay comfortable and healthy.

Your feet and hands also sweat more than other parts of your body, even when they are cold. Since your hands and feet are the sweatiest and the coldest parts of our bodies, keeping them warm and dry is important and challenging.

Thanks to advances in technology, Volt offers three slippers to keep your feet warm. No more need for all those disposable warmers that leave a big carbon footprint.

Gen III Volt Indoor/Outdoor Heated Slipper

Our Gen III heated slippers are great for indoor use or short outdoor trips. These slippers come with two rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, dual AC adapter and a wireless remote control. To get the warmth started, the battery connects to a wire and sits conveniently in a pocket.

The Gen III slippers are made with a lightweight rubber outsole that is flexible and durable. The footbed is made from memory foam for a comfortable experience. They feature a fleece lining, thinsulate insulation and a nylon cinch cord to keep the warmth in.

Gen 4 Volt Indoor/Outdoor Heated Slipper

Our Gen 4 heated slippers are brand new for Fall, 2017. We made these even easier to get on and off. A zipper, that runs from the top of the slipper to the sole, makes putting the slippers on a piece of cake. We also added a nylon pull tab at the back to further aid pulling the slipper on.

The Gen 4 Slippers come with two rechargeable batteries, dual AC adapter and a wireless remote. The battery sits in a pocket, just like the Gen III Slippers.

Both the Gen III and the Gen 4 Slippers have three levels of heat. The lowest setting provides 7-10 hours of heat, medium will last approximately 5 hours, and high will get you around 3 hours of glorious heat. 

Volt 3V Smart Heated Slippers

The Volt 3V Smart Heated Slippers has brought back our automatic heat system because you asked for it. These slippers have a built in smart thermostat to adjust heat output for optimal comfort. The non slip outsole makes these durable slippers perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

These slippers come with two batteries, a wall charger, and lasts up to 4 hours on a single charge.

Warm Feet Are Happy Feet

We have three great slippers for you to choose from to keep your feet warm this winter, and for years to come. Check out sizing information and other details for these slippers under our products tab.

Any of our heated slippers will give you hours of happy, healthy, warm feet throughout the winter festivities. They make great gifts too! Make this winter the warmest your feet have ever had.

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