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Hunting in the Cold? Try Battery Heated Clothing!

July 14, 2016

If you like to hunt then you probably know that your hands, your feet, and your body can get cold in the winter months. Most animals come out during the coldest parts of the day, such as early in the morning, or in the evening after the sun has gone down. You might also have to expose yourself to chilling winds by climbing trees or positioning yourself above your quarry. While thermal clothing, extra layers, and heavy gloves might be the answer, heated clothing such as battery heated gloves are a better option for the hunter who wants to stay warm, and retain flexibility in the hands.

The Cold and Your Health

You’ve probably noticed that you lose dexterity and even touch sensitivity in the cold. This is in part due to a natural reaction of the body, withdrawing blood from the outer layer of the skin, and therefore reducing the amount of oxygen. Studies show that outside temperatures must be 53 degrees or higher in order to perform basic dexterous movements with the hands, but often, winter temperatures are much lower. Adding heavy layers of gloves can help to combat this, but they can also decrease dexterity as well. Most people are also prone to suffering from cold damage including frost nip and frost bite starting at the extremities. Frost nip is when the extremities such as the tips of the ears, the fingers, and toes start to go white and lose sensation. Frost bite is much more serious and can be seen by the bluing of the extremity.

Using Battery Heated Clothing to Stay Warm

Battery heated clothing is an excellent way to stay warm no matter what the temperature outside. Volt Heat’s line of clothing including battery heated gloves  use rechargeable lithium ion batteries to heat clothing up to 150 degrees, allowing you to warm your body, or your extremities with gloves or a jacket liner. Importantly, the heating elements in our clothing are integrated using our patented Zero Layer design so that you can experience warm clothing without bulky layers that hinder movement. Volt Heat’s heated clothing comes in a subtle black that won’t clash with your camouflage gear, and can be worn elsewhere if you work outdoors, go skiing, or anything else that exposes your hands to the cold.