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Volt Heat for Living

August 03, 2016

What is it about getting older and our body’s natural ability to keep us warm diminishing? Being cold is becoming a more frequent phenomenon the older I get. Whats worse is I don’t enjoy the battle as much as I used to either. I would rather just stay comfortably warm and forget about being cold. I am starting to get a clearer picture of why we tend to migrate towards warmer climates the older we get. What are we to do if we live in a colder region and can’t afford to travel to warmer climates for late fall through early spring?

We could turn up the heat in the house but that can be expensive. We can get the wood stove burning hotter longer but then the house can become unbearably hot for everyone else in the room. What if we had the ability to change our own personal climate to fit our needs? What if we had the ability to control our own thermal comfort with the push of a button? That could help eliminate expensive power bills and running visitors out of the house with extremely warm rooms.

That is why I purchased my first heated garment from Volt Heated Clothing. I want to be in control of my thermal comfort and forget about being cold. One question I get asked a lot when someone notices that I am wearing a Volt heated vest is what activity I purchased it for. Did you get it for skiing? Did you get it for hunting? Did you get it for golf? The answer is no, although you can use it for those three activities and a wide variety more. My answer to the question of, “What did you get it for???” is always the same, “I got this vest for the activity of life”… just plain old everyday living.

Now when I get cold, even when I am inside my house, I can get a battery off the charger (I have multiple batteries for my Volt products), plug it in and turn up the heat. Within seconds I can start to feel the Zero Layer Heat System warming up and sending soothing heat straight into my body’s core. The first Volt vest I purchased was back in 2013 and I still use it to this day. I have added quite a few others as well with my most frequently used item being the Gen III Heated Slippers. Suffering from cold feet while sitting in a warm house is frustrating and uncomfortable. Not anymore, these slippers have truly been a blessing to me and my cold feet. I enjoy the heat so much that I find myself looking forward to getting home from work, getting all of my chores done and sitting down with my feet up as they get soothed by the perfect amount of heat the Gen III Heated Slippers give out.

Sometimes I can be the toughest critic when it comes to products of this nature. The Volt product line has stood up to the task and in my eyes came out on top. The Volt products are stylish, durable, warm and well-priced when you look at some of the other products on the market. Although I am getting older and my body doesn’t resist the cold like it used to, I have found new warmth and comfort with Volt’s wide variety of heated apparel and accessories. When the question gets asked, “What activities are the Volt products best suited for?” the answer is simple for me, “They are perfect fit for the activity of life!”