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Outdoor School and Keeping our Kids Warm

Outdoor School and Keeping our Kids Warm

October 15, 2020

Kids are Back to School

Heated clothing has been a solution for adults and young adults for years…but what about the kids? Where is all of the Heated Clothing for Kids/Teens 2020 is a year that has presented all of us with many challenge that we all are facing together. If you had to teach your kid at the end of the 2019 school year, I am sure you were ready to get them back to school anywhere other than your living room. As a parent myself, it is a challenge for my wife and I to manage our kids schooling as they go only 2 to 3 days a week. Schooling for kids has been massively overhauled as we deal with COVID worldwide.

A popular option that schools across the nation have adopted is outdoor school. Outdoor schooling is great for kids. I think we can agree that we all need to spend more time outside and less time inside behind screens. The problem with outdoor school is that the weather and temperature will get harder to deal with as we head into winter. How do we keep our kids warm? Volt Heated Clothing has answers for you and your family if you are sending your child to outdoor school.

We don’t yet offer heated clothing exclusively for kids or preteens but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have products that would work for kids or preteens. Let’s look at some of our products that might be viable options for kids/teens. As you read through these product suggestions please always keep in mind that we have a 30 day money back guarantee. This allows you to try the sizing and style to make sure it fits and functions as you want it to.

VOLT HEATED GLOVES for Kids and Teens

Our women’s heated gloves are also great for kids. The sizing would still translate, and you would measure for the proper size in the same way. Our women’s size small gloves and our unisex gloves in size X-Small can easily fit preteens or elementary aged kids.  The owner of Volt has two children whose ages are 16 and 12 that are frequent wearers of Volt products. The two main gloves that these two kids wear are the Women’s Tatra Gloves in size Small, the Fleece Gloves in size X-Small and the Heated Glove Liners in size X-Small.

Tatra Heated Gloves - The Women’s Tatra Heated Gloves are a medium/heavy weight snow glove. They are a great tool to help your child’s hands stay warm while playing outside this winter. They can also be used when you take that annual family ski trip.

Fleece Heated Gloves – The Fleece Heated Gloves will keep your hands warm and cozy for hours. These gloves are available down to size X-Small and are perfect for small hands. These are great everyday gloves to wear in dry cold climates.

Heated Glove Liner – The Heated Glove liners are thin and have touch screen fingertips. They will work great for kids who use tablets or smart devices throughout their school day.

VOLT HEATED VEST for Kids and Teens

Volt Heated Vests for Women can carryover to both boys and girls sizing. The women’s Thermal Heated Half Zip comes in sizes X-Small through X-Large. The women’s Radiant Heated Vest comes in sizes Small through XL. The Radiant Heated Jacket is available in sizes Small through XL. The measurements of the Women’s THZ, Radiant Vest and Radiant Jacket can translate over to kids and teens. We do have sizing charts with chest and waist/hip measurements that are accurate and can help you determine if our garments will fit your kid.


We are all happy that our kids are back in school even if it is under different circumstances. With outdoor school becoming more popular nationwide, keeping kids warm is something we all need to consider. Volt is ready to help in any way that we can. One thing to always remember is that we offer our 30 day money back guarantee. This will allow you to purchase an item for your child and have them try it on. We want our customers to feel comfortable enough to give us a try. Volt wants to help keep kids warm this Winter and we have the products to do it. Stay Warm!

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