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Pack these Essential Items to Stay Warm on Your Next Hunting Trip

July 14, 2016

A winter hunting trip can be one of the best times to actually find and hunt deer, bear, and other animals, but it can also be one of the worst times for cold related damage including illness, discomfort, and frostbite! If you want to stay safe and warm on your next hunting trip, you have to pack for a winter trip, be prepared for colder temperatures than you prefer, and consider some of the best stay-warm gear in the business.

Thermal Underclothing

Whether you’re going with traditional long johns or battery heated clothing, warm thermal underclothing can make sure you enjoy your hunting trip rather than shivering through it. Consider purchasing a pair of long johns to wear to bed, and a 7v battery heated vest liner or 7v heated base layer  to wear while you’re standing up, or worse, sitting motionless in a tree waiting for deer.

A Heavy Jacket

A heavy jacket is also important for winter and early spring hunting trips. Weather can change quickly so even if the temperatures are relatively warm, you should be prepared for the worst. A good jacket is waterproof, features a hood, and has pockets where you can hide your hands. If you don’t want to lug around pounds of fleece or sacrifice mobility for warmth, you can try one of Volt Heats battery heated jackets or vests to eliminate additional layers of clothing.

A Warm Hat to Go Under Your Cap

You don’t want to give up your orange safety cap, but you don’t want your ears to freeze either. Invest in either brightly colored ear muffs or an orange beanie, or purchase a black hat to go under your orange cap. In either case, avoid camouflage for safety reasons. A good cap will keep your ears and your head warm, and protected from any wind or snow.

0 Degree Pad Rated Sleeping Bags

If you have just any old summer sleeping bag ready to take on your winter hunting trip, you might want to think again. Sleeping bags are rated according to how warm they keep you in the cold and most standard sleeping bags aren’t very warm in extremely cold temperatures. Consider purchasing a 0 degree rated sleeping bag to keep you warm while you sleep.

Waterproof Tent or Cover

Another important consideration is that it might rain or snow while you are out hunting. If you do not have some means of staying dry, you could freeze. Purchase a waterproof tent, or a large waterproof cover that you can use to shield yourself from the rain. Anyone who is planning to set up a camp can consider the tent while anyone who plans on spending a lot of time hiking and in trees should consider the cover.


Gloves protect the hands from cold temperatures but they should be chosen carefully. Gloves that are too thick will inhibit movement and make it hard to actually pull the trigger when you do finally catch a glimpse of a deer. The best gloves are thermal and lightweight and do not get in the way of movement. Many hunters are more comfortable with battery heated gloves because they are thin enough to allow flexible fingers while still providing a great deal of warmth. Volt Heat has a few different styles to meet your needs. Check out the 7v Tactical Gloves or the 7v Frosty Gloves as they both are form fitting with no added bulk. Hunters who plan on fishing as well might want to consider purchasing our 7v Heated Mitts which are easy to take on and off. They are also waterproof and will help keep your hands dry as well.

Warm Socks

The feet are one of the most vulnerable extremities of the body so it is very important to bring along warm socks. Consider packing two pairs of thick wool socks per day you plan on being out. Likely you will want to change your cold and possibly wet socks when you get in at the end of the evening in exchange for a dry pair. You can also consider purchasing a pair of our battery heated sock liners to help keep your feet warm in the coldest of conditions.

Staying warm in the cold is about preparation. While not every cold weather situation is extreme,  it is always better to be prepared to help stay warm, and of course, comfortable!

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