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July 03, 2023

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This time of year when the weather heats up outside can also be a time many people find themselves suffering from the cold while indoors due to the arctic blast coming from the AC. It could be in your office, the grocery store, restaurant or even in your own home. You are dressed for the sizzling 80+ temperatures outside but are not prepared when entering a climate controlled room that is 20 degrees cooler.

We hear from Volt customers all the time who work in cold environments that range from your typical clerical office to cold storage warehouses and these are some of they ways they use our Volt heated products to help them stay warm.

Staying warm in the office:

Spending all day in a cold office can be miserable especially if you are sitting all day not generating your own body heat. Whether it is your home office or working in a cold building, here are some products that can help you get through the day.

Volt Heated Slippers - For years Volt customers have been keeping their toes toasty warm by keeping a pair of Gen V heated slippers under their desk so they can change out once they start the work day. Power them on with the push of a button and your feet our surrounded in a cocoon of warmth all day.

Volt Heated Scarf - Sometimes that chill from the AC is coming down on you where you just need to bundle a Volt Heated Scarf around your neck where you can choose from 3 power level settings that will provide soothing heat to the back of your neck.

Volt Heated Seat Cushion - A lot of people have heated seats in their car, why not have the same at work? We have many customers who use space heaters under their desk but also use our Volt Heated Seat Cushion so they have a comfortable and warm place to sit.

Staying warm when going out:

Whether it is going to the movies, a restaurant or the doctor’s office where you know you are going to be there for awhile it is always good to show up prepared. You never know how cold it is going to be inside, so don’t get caught freezing.

Volt Heated Thermal Half-Zip Pullover - This long sleeve pullover is lightweight but will help keep away the chill and you won’t look like you are dressed for a winter storm.

Volt Radiant Heated Vest- Maybe you want something that zips up and easy to bring with you. The Radiant vest will help keep your core warm and the cold at bay.

Staying warm in cold work environments:

Some people work in freezers or refrigerated warehouses where they need to make sure they are dressed appropriately while there are other cold environments like labs or hospitals which are not as cold but it is still unpleasant if you are not prepared.

Torso Heated Vest Liner - The ultra thin Torso Vest Liner is designed to be worn as a mid layer with another layer over the top of it to be most effective. This make is popular for those who need to wear a uniform or lab coat where the vest liner can easily be worn underneath for hidden warmth. 

Polar X Heated Gloves - These were built for serious cold weather protection and will help keep your hands warm in freezing conditions.  

Volt Heated Socks - Keeping your feet warm is must in cold work environments and the Volt Heated Socks will provide warmth all day on a single charge.

We are all different when it comes to the effects of the cold and you don’t always have control over the temperature of a room and the AC is cranked up. Take control of your personal comfort and warmth with Volt Heated Clothing. 

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