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Top 5 Volt Heated Clothing products for moderately cold Spring months

Top 5 Volt Heated Clothing products for moderately cold Spring months

March 24, 2020

Volt Heated Clothing still has a place in your daily repertoire this Spring. As we wind down the bitterly cold Winter months we look forward to green grass and margaritas. Unfortunately, that is still off in the distance. What lies in front of us are some icy mornings with daytime temps of around 50-60 degrees. Don’t get me wrong, I am not going to scoff at 50-60 degrees in fear of upsetting them and having them leave. We all know though that if the wind decides to blow on a 50-degree day, we still find ourselves uncomfortably cold. Here are a couple of our items that are warm enough to keep you cozy but thin enough that you don’t roast when the sun does come out.

  • Heated Thermal Half Zip by Volt in both Men’s and Women’s – The Volt Heated Thermal Half Zip (THZ) is an extremely versatile mid weight jacket. The Thermal Half Zip is powered by a 5 volt USB power bank battery that can be found at most retail stores. These batteries can be used for heating up the THZ or charging your cell phone.  The power bank must be rated for a minimum 1-amp output to properly operate the heat system. This athletic but stylish pullover jacket can be worn as a mid-layer or outer layer depending on the outside temperature and/or your desired core temperature. The THZ features a two-zone heating system that targets the back of the neck through the collar and the upper back between your shoulder blades.  The patented Zero Layer® Heat System provides optimal heat transfer, helping the heat to penetrate deep in to your body’s core for a superior warming experience. 


  • Glove Liner/Women’s All-Purpose Gloves by Volt - The Women's All-Purpose Heated Gloves by Volt are made for everyday use. We have engineered these gloves to be utilized daily by working mom's, stay at home mom's, retired mom's and grandmas everywhere. Thin enough for small everyday tasks like opening doors, using keys, driving and anything else you do throughout the day. Thick enough to keep your hands from freezing as you go through your daily routine. Fabric on the palm is a synthetic leather that is very tactile for gripping steering wheels, dog leashes, doorknobs and anything most anything else you might encounter. We have placed the Zero Layer Heat System on both sides of the hand, out to the end of each fingertip, including the thumb. This all-encompassing heat coverage will help keep your fingertips from getting bitterly cold.
  • Radiant Heated Jacket Men’s/Women’s by Volt- This Volt Heated Jacket is named the Radiant Jacket due to its ability to radiate heat deep in to your body’s core. This heated jacket is a perfect blend of a quilted nylon torso region to hold the heat around your core and soft-shell arms and shoulder area for unrestricted movement. The Volt Radiant Heated Jacketis powered by a 5 volt USB power bank battery that can be found at most retail stores. These batteries can be used for heating up the radiant jacket or charging your cell phone.  It is important to note that you can use any properly rated USB battery or power bank to power this product. You must ensure that the power bank is rated for a minimum 2 amp output to properly operate the heat system.
  • Torso Heated Vest Liner - Volt heated vest liner has been named the torso due to its slim fit and lightweight feel.  The way we keep it thin is by eliminating all insulation and combining a thin rip stop nylon layer with our Zero Layer Heat System.  With its extremely low-profile design, it will feel like a part of your body when layered under an insulated outer shell.  Using our four panel 7v™ Zero Layer Heat System, you will get hours of deep penetrating heat, allowing you to stay comfortable in the worst of conditions. Rechargeable battery heated vests can sometimes be a little too bulky to layer comfortably.  With the Torso’s slim design, you can use it for almost any activity.  This battery heated vest can slide under almost any garment which makes its uses almost unlimited.  The Torso is a simple garment that functions like a piece of equipment, allowing you to get the job done.


  • Heated Travel Pillow by Volt - This comfy travel pillow design has been around airports and train stations for decades, helping people relax and take a snooze. Leave it up to the product development team at Volt Heated Clothing to raise the bar. This Heated Travel Pillow has all the same attractive features of some of the top-rated travel pillows on the market with one unique twist…HEAT! We have strategically placed our patented Zero Layer® heating system right at the base of your neck when wearing the heated travel pillow to help provide soothing warmth and comfort. The backbone of this Heated Pillow is high density memory foam that contours to your neck as it heats up. This helps to cradle and support your head as you sleep or relax. The Volt Heated Travel Pillow is covered using a silky soft polyester fleece fabric that can be removed and is machine washable. Without a doubt, this is the most relaxing and best designed travel pillow available. Choose your optimal heat output by selecting from 3 power level settings with the push of a button using the built-in thermostat controller


An argument can be made that any of our products can be used throughout the Spring and Summer given certain conditions. The products above are some of our mild weather favorites. If you have questions about any of our other items please call us at 888 518 6871 or email us at We have a wide variety of products that cover a ton of different activities and lifestyles. We can help you pick the perfect item for you.

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