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Training in February @libertyannarchery

Train when it is Cold with Volt Heated Clothing

June 15, 2020

I got my first vest (Torso Heated Vest Liner) and immediately went to shoot outside in the snow, with my vest on full heat. It is something I can throw on under my jacket and keeps me super warm and doesn’t get in the way of my shooting.

Who am I?

I am a competitive archer who has shot in snow and cold temperatures more times than I care to remember. Competitive archers start training for outdoor season in February or March, and for some even earlier. Archers make huge sacrifices to be able to train and compete at a high level. That dedication doesn’t stop and wait for warmer weather. Archery itself is like a full-time job and being able to maintain a heavy bow poundage and consistency requires a lot of mental toughness, physical endurance, time, and energy.

Training in the cold

Living in Iowa means if I want to keep my reps up and practice, I shoot in the winter. That can mean shooting in two feet of snow at 30 degrees, a propane tank heater, and a warm car waiting to take breaks in!  This is not unique to me and archers face this challenge all around the world. 70-meter indoor ranges are not readily available to many so if you want to practice you will be shooting outside. The trick is to stay comfortable and keep your muscles loose so you can practice with purpose. Heated clothing helps me accomplish this and allows for quality practice.

Tournament Preparation

My coach always runs through a checklist of things I’m bringing to my tournaments. We go through all possible scenarios, like how many changes of clothes I’m bringing or how many snacks I packed, for any situation. Too many archers come unprepared and end up having to wear a jacket or shirt that doesn’t fit right to shoot in rain or cold weather. I’ve seen people use safety pins, clips, and tape to get their sleeve out of the path of the bowstring. Having my Radiant Women’s Heated Vest to throw in my bag when traveling is super nice. I like knowing that I’m prepared and can shoot in any situation. From half dying in humidity, to freezing to death in California, I’ll be prepared. Through all the challenges of shooting in snow or against Olympic athletes, Volt is one more tool in my arsenal mentally and physically.

Spring/Fall Tournaments

Shooting tournaments in the cold is probably one of the biggest challenges. Staying warm is super important because shooting while shivering turns out to be difficult and not so accurate. At the SoCal showdown in California we were required to shoot in the morning, and it was cold. Everyone had blankets and were struggling to stay warm! Volt Heated Clothing helps to fight the adverse effects of those cold shooting mornings. Their clothing is super warm and easy to shoot in.

Thanks Volt

Practice makes perfect but beyond that quality practice is invaluable. Companies that come alongside and support competitive archers like me are such a blessing. They take a lot of pressure off an athlete by providing us with gear and support, encouraging us to continue. I enjoy the Volt Heated Vests not only as an archer but also for everyday use.

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