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Volt Gear In The Wild!

Volt Gear In The Wild!

July 06, 2021

We just love getting photos of our heated gear being used in variety of settings!

From golf, to skiing, back country work, hunting, hiking, archery, and even a possible Guinness Book of World Record!

Here are couple that will warm your heart:

„I spend a lot of time in bad weather. I have used my jacket while riding horses/mules in the back country and also when going to town for a bite to eat.

It’s definitely my style and I like how it looks as well as how it heats” Charlie P. from Boulder, CO, wrote about the The Outfitter Heated Jacket


Jen Williams loves her heated gloves and vest! She said: "I look forward to that restorative time in the mountains [...] wherever you end up, I hope you have the best time & don't forget to take your VoltHeat with you"


The Idaho Cowboy Gal said: "Absolutely loving my new VoltHeat vest!" about the Women's Radiant Heated Vest



Jarno de Smedt from Belgium enjoying our heated gear, practicing archery in harsh conditions!


A 14-year-old Celebration girl wants to be listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the youngest girl to run across America from San Francisco to New York.

Briar-Rose Honeywill is working to raise money for the endeavor and will be donating money to Achilles International and Achilles Freedom Team.

“COVID took everything away (like my races) so I decided to run across America and raise money for charity,” she said. “It’s a charity my mom helped with for people who have disabilities. I love helping people.”

Achilles International covers anyone with disabilities from kids to adults. Achilles Freedom Team helps rehabilitate wounded veterans and motivate them through physical exercise and they eventually compete in races and other sporting events.

"Thank you VoltHeat for your support. I might not need these waterproof heated gloves in FL (although we did get down to 27 degrees the other day), however, they'll be a lifesaver when running across the country in the current frigid temperatures!"

You can follow her here

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