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MOTO - 12v Heated Jacket Liner w/Dual Heating System


The Volt Motorcycle 12v Heated Jacket Liner is the perfect riding accessory to help you stay warm and comfortable for those road trips with unpredictable weather conditions. The most important feature you need to know is that it is wired for two systems. This means that you can power your heated jacket on a separate heat setting (system 1) than your heated gloves (system 2). The 12v Heated Jacket Liner comes complete with a Dual Therm controller as well as a wiring fuse harness.

The jacket will draw a maximum of 6.4 amps or 77 watts at 12 volts. Please make sure that your motorcycle, snow machine, etc has enough power output to properly heat the jacket.

Insulated to be thermally efficient along with being wind-resistant and highly compressible. The rip-stop coated nylon shell and form fit allows it be worn comfortably underneath your riding jacket with just a single layer underneath. Includes rib-knit on the cuffs and the waist and tall collar to help seal in the heat and keep out the cold. Other design features include screen print graphic on left chest, two handwarmer pockets and zippered power plug storage pockets to hide them away when not in use.

The heating system includes multiple large insulated heating panels strategically located in the collar, chests, arms and the back that are designed to evenly distribute soothing warmth throughout your upper body.

Interconnected System: Our 12v heated clothing forms an interconnected system in which the jacket allows you to connect to the gloves with just a single connection to the battery harness.

Dual Wiring System: The 12V Heated Jacket Liner is wired to allow you to use a Dual Therm Controller to separately adjust the temperature for two different items. For example, you can power your 12v Volt Heated Gloves at one temperature setting and the your 12v Volt Heated Jacket liner at a different temperature setting. 

Fused Battery Harness: The fused battery harness is the direct connector to the vehicle’s battery used as the power source to heat your jacket. Simply connect the red to the positive(+) post and black to the negative(-) post and your ready for heat! Includes an assortment of differently amp rated fuses based on how many 12v products you are powering. 

Includes fused Battery Harness and Dual Therm Controller. Available in sizes S - 2XL. The jacket will draw a maximum of 6.4 amps or 77 watts at 12 volts. 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews Write a review

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