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VICTORY 5v Heated Sweater Jacket by Volt




 heated camo vest

“I rallied my teenagers out of their rooms and away from their PC games for this picture, lol. But seriously, they love their sweaters. They also love their mid layer shirts as well. I think I may have gotten bumped up a notch in the best Mom ever category! And I was pretty high on the scale before...” 
- Annette, Woodstock, IL -

The Victory Heated Sweater Jacket by Volt is one of the most refined heated garments ever made. We continue to grow our product family by always utilizing our Zero Layer® Heat System. In the Victory you will find the Zero Layer Heat System powered by a rechargeable 5V USB battery in 4 zones. Warmth will penetrate to your core through 2 heating pads in the chest, one heating pad in the back and one in the collar.

The real innovation and progress in the heated clothing market lies within the fabric that is used to construct this slickly designed sweater. The proprietary wool poly yarn fabric has a plush feel that cradles you in ultra-softness. The inner part of the fabric is laminated which to you means it is windproof and waterproof to help protect you from the wind and rain. When you wear the Victory Heated Sweater Jacket by Volt you will undoubtedly feel warm and look crisp.

The Victory Heated Sweater Jacket will come complete with a Volt brand VB560 rechargeable battery and USB charging cord. Once you plug in the 5V 6000 mAh battery you can turn the Victory on by pressing the external controller sewn on the outside of the garment by the right hip zipper pocket. It is important to note that you can use any properly rated USB battery or power bank to power this product. You must ensure that the power bank is rated for a minimum 2 amp output to properly operate the heat system.

  • Wool/Poly blend for unmatched look and feel
  • Includes a VB560 5v 6000mAh USB powerbank battery and charging cable the provides soothing heat on high for 2+ hours and 5+ hours on the lowest setting
  • Heating panels located in the collar, the chest and the upper back.
  • Safe & Durable 5v Heating Technology
  • External push button controller switch with 3 power level settings

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

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